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Let US-Cuba reset be Obama legacy

Published:Saturday | April 18, 2015 | 12:00 AM


The United States of America is the only superpower in the world. Look no further than President Barack Obama. Born to a poor single mom and a Kenyan dad, Obama is a Harvard-educated attorney and leader of the free world, whose race makes up only 12 per cent of the United States (US) population.

The Rev Dr Martin Luther King Jr must be smiling in his grave because part of his dream has now become a reality. With all its flaws and imperfections, I'm truly blessed to call this great country home.

Having said that, I think the time has long passed for the US to lift the 50-year-old embargo against the island of Cuba. This embargo has accomplished nothing but hardship for the Cuban people. It is like when President Reagan told Chairman Gorbachev to tear down the Berlin Wall, we are telling the president and Congress to do the same with this meaningless embargo, as trade can be beneficial to both countries. This would also allow Cuba to take its rightful place in the Western Hemisphere.

Let the firm handshake Mr Obama extended to Cuba's President Ra?l Castro, not too long ago at Nelson Mandela's funeral, be the catalyst to get things started. Let this be part of the president's legacy, along with the Affordable Health Care Act.

The Obama administration is very keen on promoting exports. Well, there's a ready export market available a hour and a half away from Miami. Whatever differences that separate Washington and Havana can be rectified through communication, negotiation and cooperation.


New York