Mon | Feb 24, 2020

People's Report: Enforce noise abatement law in Negril

Published:Saturday | April 18, 2015 | 12:00 AM

The Gleaner recently published a news report concerning the noise-nuisance problem in the town of Negril, Westmoreland, and the fact that several businesses have been complaining about this ongoing problem.

No one has the right to be playing their music at loud, unbearable levels, disturbing their neighbours and businesses that are operating in and around the immediate areas. It is against the law and should be brought to an end now.

I urge the hard-working police department in Negril to go all out and enforce the Noise Abatement Act and prosecute all those persons who are responsible for breaking the law and being a nuisance to their neighbours.

By the way, I cannot understand how operators of sound systems can be playing their music up to 5 a.m. They could never be responsible and employed persons. It is only time wasters who would be attending those sessions with music blasting at high decibel levels, causing mayhem to persons and homes nearby.

Jamaica cannot be tolerating such lawlessness. The police must enforce the law and prosecute all those who have no regard for it.