Sat | May 25, 2019

People's Report: Take the fight to heartless criminals

Published:Saturday | April 18, 2015 | 12:00 AM

The Congress of Young Democrats and the Democratic Youth United to Evolve Society, Clarendon chapter, is utterly disgusted at the murder of three teenagers not older than 16 in our parish. We are angry, angry that someone could snatch the lives of these teens in such a brutal and senseless way.

Our children are our future, and in an organisation like ours where we have members ages 13-35, we are extremely saddened as this could have been any one of us.

Clarendon is a beautiful parish with a rich history and vibrant people, and we must not let criminals destroy our country. We must rise up together and eradicate this monstrous disease that has been plaguing our nation for too long. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

Children, women, especially pregnant women, are out of bounds. We can't create life, so we must never steal any.

Are we going to sit and let our nation destroy itself?