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Whip criminals in the streets

Published:Tuesday | April 21, 2015 | 12:00 AM


The rate at which crime is escalating in our communities is quite frightening. Random shootings, rapes and gruesome murders have dramatically increased over the years, and it now appears to be the norm of the day.

It is rather mind-boggling that, in spite of improved policing strategies, there seems to be no respite in criminality and crime in our society. What is more appalling is the fact that many of these crimes are being committed against our future leaders, our children.

The recent senseless and vicious murders of the three children and adult male in Monymusk, Clarendon, is another strong indication that we have to look at more severe types of punishment for these criminals in our society. There is no punishment that is inhumane for these cold-blooded killers, but seeing that the death penalty may never be reinstated, perhaps the Government should implement public whippings for all criminal acts, and for murderers, whip them, plus give them life sentences.

Clearly, many people will disagree with this form of judgement, but the standard conventional method of punishment is not harsh enough for the hardcore criminals among us. Public whippings would be an effective deterrent to reducing crime. The embarrassment alone of being flogged in public will force intended offenders to think twice before they act.