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Ganja, gate way to employment woes?

Published:Thursday | April 23, 2015 | 12:00 AMTHE EDITOR, Sir:

According to what we are hearing, it seems that the decriminalisation of marijuana will do a great deal of good to Jamaica; but the primary purpose we are being told, if it comes in effect, will be for medicinal use.

We are also being informed that, marijuana is a very vital ingredient, pertaining to health, in which people can be cured of certain ailments, which seems to be true and has already been proved.

But, more important, one of the major concerns about this herbal stuff, is that it will open widely a door for vast employment, which will be very beneficial to the economy.

However, there is something that I am very concerned about: the smoking or the temptation to smoke this weed; because smoking is hazardous to health; and I believe ganja has more damaging effect than cigarette or tobacco; for it has been reported that excessive smoking of ganja has messed up the brains of many young people.

So, we have seen that there are two good reasons why it might be necesary to decriminalise this product:

1. medical purpose

2. employment benefit

On the other hand, certain things we do, or contemplate doing, should involve the church. In other words, we should hear from the church, first and foremost because, the church is like the corner-stone or the most important foundation. Therefore, we would like to hear from the church on their position on the decriminalisation of marijuana.

Ganja production on a large scale, may be good for Jamaica.

Donald J. McKoy.