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Ramshackle Lucea desperately in need of clean-up

Published:Friday | April 24, 2015 | 11:03 PM

Lucea desperately in need of clean-up

This is an open letter to Wynter McIntosh, the mayor of Lucea and chairman of Hanover Parish Council.

I seek an appointment to meet with you on or before April 24, 2015. The focus of my concerns surrounds issues pertinent to the development of the town of Lucea and environs.

- What efforts have been made to improve Lucea's poor trash collection system currently in place? Also, I ask for an update on the status of my request to become a participant of the Solid Waste Management Advisory Committee.

- I request feedback on the advancement of the effort to discourage squatters from occupying that section of the town of Lucea directly behind the market.

- What procedures, if any, have been since adopted to discourage vendors from hawking in undesignated areas of the town of Lucea. I have observed that hawkers are taking advantage of the lack of enforcement, as they extend the areas within the town at which they ply their trade.

- The major roadway into the town of Lucea remains in a deplorable and crater-filled condition. I wish to discuss the reasons for the delay in its total repair.

- The campaign to clean up the town of Lucea Phase 1 concluded several months ago. I wish to learn of when the additional phases of the clean-up campaign are scheduled to begin. I would like to again participate in the clean-up effort.

- The seawall that prevents the ocean from rushing into areas of the town of Lucea continues to decay and is in need of repair. Have any plans been put in place to address and eliminate this potential threat to life and property?

- After any heavy rainfall, the 'Keep Left' landmark, which is the entranceway to the town of Lucea, becomes impassable by foot or automobile. This occurrence renders accessibility to and from Lucea and Negril impossible until the waters subside. Are any efforts being made to address and correct this unacceptable situation?

- The huge canal bordering the police station in Lucea which carries the fast-moving rainwater run-off to the ocean desperately needs attention. It continues to be filled with silt, gravel and trash. It needs to be cleaned and maintained. I fear that, left unattended, the movement of rushing water will overflow its banks, gush on to the roadway and result in devastating loss of life and property.

- There is a building within the town of Lucea in clear view of the parish council's offices. The building is unstably supported in whole or in part by stacked and unbound concrete blocks. Further, those blocks are positioned on swamp ground. What is the parish council's position on remedying this matter?

Please afford me the opportunity to assist on these undertakings. I hold myself available to assist in advancing our town and parish in the achievement of its true potential.