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Crack down on destroyers of St Thomas main road

Published:Saturday | April 25, 2015 | 12:00 AM

In recent times, I have sought the views of several individuals from the parish of St Thomas, in relation to the main thoroughfare running from Yallahs to Bull Bay. What was most fascinating is that the residents shared a common cliche: "St Thomas, the forgotten parish." This idiomatic phrase vividly conveyed the absence of ardent political advocacy in addressing the social issues affecting the electorate.

Notwithstanding the apparent political deficits, these residents validated the notion that they are not naive in thinking that decrepit roads are unique to this thoroughfare. The marked difference travelling along this route is the inescapable dust nuisance, sporadic missiles falling from overloaded, elongated trucks, and the unavoidable, unintentionally constructed sleeping policemen, especially, along the Grants Pen corridor.

The State must conduct a scientific analysis of the road infrastructure to determine the maximum weight capacity of each truck transporting sand and gravel, especially when it rains, and the road is saturated. Drivers of these overloaded trucks, in pursuit of extra cash, continue the practice of maliciously destroying taxpayers' road infrastructure.

Taxpayers, especially public servants, are calling on the Ministry of Local Government, the Ministry of Transport and Works, and members of parliament to develop, implement and sustain a progressive framework that will make this corridor a safe and healthy environment for children, the elderly and motorists, who have to traverse this route daily.

Bring all perpetrators to justice: truck drivers, owners, and quarry operators, who are all party to the practice of overloading and spilling of aggregate on the roads. When caught, all parties must pay, not only in cash, but months of community service, cleaning the roadway from Yallahs to Bull Bay.