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Hanna's abortion defence tantamount to murder

Published:Saturday | April 25, 2015 | 12:00 AM


Only two hours apart, last week, the minister of youth and culture contradicted herself and rendered her empathy empty, hollow and superficial.

She chastised the killing of the three teenage boys in Clarendon, stating the act shows that the perpetrators "[had] no feelings, compassion or love and do not value human life, especially that of our children". Laws and regulations alone cannot help to address violence against children, she said.

Yet only two hours before, as published in The Gleaner online, she vociferously called for the country to murder children by changing our anti-abortion laws. As if speaking from a feminist perspective, she stated that the anti-abortion laws perpetuate poverty among women and children.

There is a simple procedure of deduction called root-cause analysis, where a problem is dissected to its base in order to determine the source of the problem. Why do we feel this process cannot be applied to matters affecting our nation?

If these women did not get pregnant, there would be no need for abortions. If these women were given better opportunities, they would be given a chance to alleviate their poverty.

misplaced focus

When will the honourable minister focus on challenging the culture of poverty and violence in our country, especially the insurgence of violence against our youth, instead of calling for more ruthless killing of our children?

She calls for discussions outside the scope of Bible. Did the honourable minister know that from the point sperm infuses an egg, DNA is imprinted, which determines the child's hereditary traits such as eye colour, hair colour, even the child's personality.

At this stage, the cell, infused with human DNA and, therefore, human, is known as a zygote. This shows even at the earliest stage there is life and intelligent design at work, which shows if the process is uninterrupted, this organism will grow and develop into a walking, talking, thinking contributor to society. A human being.

Abortion is not the answer. Contraceptives are not the answer. Education and abstinence are the answers.

Please, Minister, your heart is in the right place to help and heal our nation. Apply that standard right across the board to all our nation's children.