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Teachers have borne too much

Published:Saturday | April 25, 2015 | 12:00 AM


It has come to my attention through years of observation that teachers are the most malleable of the public-sector workers in this country. After five years of wage freeze and skyrocketing prices, will teachers really be accepting the offer of a raise translating to roughly $3,000? So, this means they will be able to buy a chicken, some rice, and sugar with $3,000.

I know that teachers are among the group that has, especially in the last five to six years, found themselves increasingly borrowing each month just to get the bills paid just to survive.

Yet the long list of demands we make on our teachers keeps growing. They are the ones we expect to somehow personally supervise students' study habits at home. Parents are hardly held accountable when students fail to prepare.

Don't get me wrong. Most of the new thrusts in education are commendable. However, the austerity that many of our teachers have had to be living with leaves them with a deficit in health, thus making some, if not most, depressed, highly stressed and frustrated.

We Jamaicans have dropped the ball. We do not demand transparency and accountability from the people whom we employ.

Finally, I encourage teachers to develop a backbone and stop being pushovers.


Mandeville, Manchester