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Letter of the day: Calm down, debate Hanna’s abortion proposal

Published:Monday | April 27, 2015 | 12:01 AM


The Honorable Minister Lisa Hanna's suggestion to review the illegality of abortion should be considered with an open mind.

According to Section 72 of the Offences Against the Person Act, anyone found guilty of having or facilitating an abortion could be sentenced to life in prison, with or without hard labour. Most of the women seeking illegal abortions in Jamaica are young, poor, unemployed and live in economically and socially deprived communities. Many times, they are high-school students.

The legalization of abortion will allow these women and girls to have access to safe abortions. No more risk of prosecution when a young girl, barely in her teens, decides that she cannot bring a child into this world.

Giving birth and not providing the care, love, nurturing and guidance that those children need is not going to help in developing a productive society. Don't we know neglected children who run away from home and end up as criminals and unwanted members of society?

My religious beliefs suggest that abortion should be illegal. However, the honorable minister is calling for an open discussion on this uncomfortable but essential issue. Let's calm down and start a debate based on logic, not emotions.

Tashfeen Ahmad

Old Hope Road,

St Andrew