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Pastor’s tirade an attention-grabbing stunt

Published:Monday | April 27, 2015 | 12:01 AM


It has become apparent that factions within the religious community have resorted to derogatory and blasphemous tactics in order to 'save' souls for the Kingdom'.

I recently heard the tirade of a local pastor that has been making the rounds. It can be heard on your local street corners, in taxis and has even made it to being a ringtone.

In this sermon, the preacher blasted and vehemently condemned everything he considered 'immoral': skin bleaching, homosexuality, popular culture, and even local music artistes were not left out of the preacher's wrathful rant.

The minister's utterances were vulgar and had no place in Church, I dare say. How can any well-thinking person consider this shameless performance a manifestation of the will of God?

Many of my religious associates concluded that sermons are to appeal to logic and reason. The listener should feel a personal conviction to want to change when a sermon is being rendered.


What are sermons of this nature intended to achieve? Why is there a need to curse, belittle, embarrass and publicly ridicule persons simply because they share different beliefs?

Religion is intended to encourage, motivate and guide persons to live a more meaningful life. Will this preaching convince a murderer to turn from his vengeful ways, or will he just smile and jump to the excitement the sermon created, then kill again that same night?

This was just an attention-grabbing stunt. Evidently, it worked. The intent of his message was not to advance the work of God and entreat sinners to abandon their sinful ways, but to score points. The tone of this message needed to be adjusted if the worthy minister hoped to be respected and not just admired.

Walk good.

Dumile Anderson

St James