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'A yawdie looks out for a yawdie'

Published:Wednesday | April 29, 2015 | 11:02 PM


I write in response to an article dated Tuesday April 21, 2015, by Oral Tracey entitled "Jamaicans disloyal and unpatriotic".

With all due respect to Mr. Tracey, I believe the heading is unfair, as Jamaicans are very supportive of their own and will more than often defend them. (eg. Tesanne Chin)

Almost everywhere, "a yawdie looks out for a yawdie".

As a sports fan, I too ventured to the Chinese Benevolent Association (CBA) to watch the match up between Jamaica's Kevin "Bus Boy" Hylton and Guyana's Edmund Declou.

Firstly I agree with Mr. Tracey about the outcome of the match, as Bus Boy gave the more telling blows and deserved the win.

I believe however, that why he was heckled by the fans is that Jamaicans have very passionate and sometimes unjustifiable views, of what it means getting their money's worth.

Even before the match, better yet, as early as Bus Boy was revealed as one of this year's competitors, some persons were annoyed, because in the last competition, two of his performances left bitter tastes in the mouths of many.

If a Jamaican pays to watch boxing, he/ she expect to see a fair, high intensity boxing match.

In the 2014 preliminary round Bus Boy beat Team Caribbean boxer Prince Lee Isidore under questionable circumstances.

The crowd booed Bus Boy, when declared the winner, due to what many called a push to the canvas and not a knockdown.

The boxer denied the claims.

That same year, in the quarter final round against Howard Battersea Bomber Eastman, Bus Boy used techniques many considered cowardly.

He was criticised for running instead of "being a man" and boxing.

Bus Boy lost the match while evading and by doing so became persona non grata and lost favour with the Jamaican boxing crowd.

No doubt, in 2015, every time Bus Boy steps into the ring, people will remember these two scenarios and be unsupportive of Bus Boy.

So until Bus Boy becomes more convincing and appears less fearful, thus removing the bitter tastes, maybe Mr. Tracey could have a title such as "Jamaicans Insatiable and unforgiving".

An avid Sports Fan