Sun | Oct 21, 2018

Delay PJ honour while he's alive

Published:Friday | May 1, 2015 | 12:00 AM


The stealing of the sign honouring former Prime Minister P.J. Patterson is both funny and tragic.

I agree that Mr Patterson should be honoured for the highway developments and the Spanish hotel investments, primarily, but not when he is alive. Decades ago, Cuban leader Fidel Castro told his countrymen that as long as he is alive, they must not name a single thing after him - no building, no road, nothing. Castro said that his position as leader of his country and his devoted love for Cuba is sufficient.

No matter how hard they search, no one has been able to find in any Swiss bank account or tax shelter or any other place evidence that Fidel Castro has sequestered any funds for his personal benefit. We may not like his politics or Cuba's human-rights record, but undoubtedly, this is a true patriot who needs no massaging of his ego or any vain attempt at honouring him.

Stealing is a reprehensible act and must be condemned, but honouring people for what they are expected to do is hypocrisy.

Anyone who aspires to lead my country must do so at tremendous personal sacrifice, and his/her reward must be the uplifting of Jamaica, economically, socially and morally. Our country, in turn, must ensure that persons with such commitment must be given the best that we can afford as their reward.

When we paint persons who are in the role of leadership, it must be with warts and all; we must include the good the bad and the ugly. Hopefully, the good would outweigh the bad and the ugly by far.


Siloah PO, St Elizabeth