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Hedonism fuelling abortion drumbeat

Published:Friday | May 1, 2015 | 12:00 AM


The print media have been awash with calls to legalise abortion and to distribute condoms in schools as a solution to 'unwanted children' who are 'hindrances' to the good life and personal happiness.

When faced with the darkness of this kind of thinking, it is quite a relief to see a light shining, a light that calls us back from the precipice of instant self-gratification with no consequences considered.

Paediatrician Kay Bailey ('No condoms without parental approval', Gleaner, April 28, 2015) is one such light. Not only does she implicitly call into question the minister of youth and culture's call for condom distribution to sexually active children in schools, but, more important, the good doctor directs our thinking to the consequences of such a proposal: teens' vulnerability to perverts; "increased risks of cervical cancer"; and the undermining of parents' authority and responsibility.

The call to legalise abortion and the proposal to distribute condoms to minors is devoid of any ethical consideration of the resultant consequences - as is the case of so many other practices in Jamaica. It is pellucidly clear that instant self-gratification has overtaken us as the way of life.

Abortion and condoms are now proposed as the silver bullet to solve our socio-sexual problems, as if we were robots deprived of any critical thinking as regards possible disastrous or ethical consequences. With such shallow thinking, the future of our young people is at risk. Surely, our youth deserve better than that!


Acting Pastor

St Richard's Catholic Church