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Education sector backward

Published:Saturday | May 2, 2015 | 12:00 AM


On Tuesday, April 28, the Ministry of Education hosted a question-and-answer session with the public over social media.

The minister of education, Ronald Thwaites, along with ministry officials, answered questions posted by the audiences on the ministry's Facebook page or Twitter account. I found it very interesting and ironic that the ministry is so "technologically savvy" when so many of its policies are outdated.

The education system in Jamaica needs a comprehensive overhaul. This is clear from the annual GSAT, CSEC, and CAPE results, where it seems that the benefits of education seem to only go to a small portion of the students. Is not the point of education to offer social and economic development through knowledge?

One of the problems in Jamaica is that we are not equipping our students with the necessary skills to compete on a global level. Primary education is not placing focus on the right areas. Far too much time is being spent teaching children science, social studies and religious education when these subject matters will be covered in detail in high school.

What primary schools should be focused on is the development of children's mathematical ability, reading and processing skills, and civic education.

Another major problem our schools face is that of shift schools. It is absolutely unconscionable that in 2015, there are so many shifts schools.

We have all heard the arguments against the system. It reduces teaching time, increases tension among students to complete work in limited time, etc. So the question is, why does the drive to remove this system continue to move at such a slow pace?