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Mourinho brilliant, but I'm no fan

Published:Saturday | May 2, 2015 | 12:00 AM


I enjoyed Orville Higgins' article about JosÈ Mourinho in The Gleaner of May 1, 2015 ('Boring Mourinho? You're a spoilsport!').

Like Mr Higgins, I'd have no problem if the Jamaica team wins matches playing boring, defensive football. I'm Jamaican and will support my country, no matter what.

But when it comes to club football, I'm somewhat different. I watch it for the spectacle, so I prefer to see attacking, attractive football. Man a get 'pile an' salad, nuff goal a score an ting' (a nil-nil draw can still be exciting, too).

Mourinho has a very talented attacking team at his disposal, so I'm taken aback when he restrains Chelsea when they're up against good teams. It's as if he doesn't trust Chelsea's attacking potential. He lets them loose on the Burnleys and the Stokes, but backs off against PSG. It's safety first.

Otto Rehhagel's 2004 Greece team, e.g., did what they had to do and defended brilliantly to win Euro 2004. Dem couldn't do nuh betta. But I think JosÈ can. So, for that reason, and a few others, I'm not a JosÈ fan.

I would be the first, however, to admit that he's a brilliant coach, tactician and motivator. But give me this current FC Barcelona team any day - win, lose or draw.