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Abortion by any other name is murder

Published:Tuesday | May 5, 2015 | 12:00 AM


This is an open letter to Michael Abrahams, in response to his online Gleaner column of May 4, 2015, 'It isn't easy being a woman'.

While I endorse much of your sentiments about what women have to go through, and about much of the unfair treatment they confront in societies across the world, I cannot endorse your sentiments that, correct me if I am wrong, seem to be pro-abortion (and coming from a doctor who should subscribe to the Hippocratic oath/principle to protect all form of life, even the unborn one).

An unborn life in a woman's body DOES NOT fit the bill of simply being the 'woman's body' and so she can do with it whatever she likes. No woman's body NORMALLY has two heads, two beating hearts, four hands, four feet, and two differing sets of DNA! And the life in her is also belonging to a man, who should have a say.

Your call to protect our children should also include protecting them from irresponsible parenting, and unlawful abortion, or from women using abortion as a contraceptive.

Extenuating circumstances that threaten the life of the mother and or child are understandable (and exceptions allowing for emergency abortions can be respected), but to preach a woman's absolute freedom to murder/extinguish an unborn child because it is 'her body' is sending mixed signals about the sanctity of human life.

Michael, I understand your fascination with, and admiration for, women, as you said, but don't let your emotional attachment to women, and don't let one evil (that is, women being treated unfairly across the world) be the excuse to promote another evil.


Defender of Traditional

Family Values