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Foul-ups mar athletics meet

Published:Tuesday | May 12, 2015 | 12:00 AM


Some of the athletes who turned out at the Jamaica Invitational International meet were not able to receive their medals because of the live show that was held after the track meet. The 400m athletes, especially, were deprived of their chance to collect their medals as all the lights in the stadium were cut off and everyone's attention was drawn to the stage set up in the bleachers area to facilitate the live show.

The presenters and athletes all went up to the presentation area, which was in total darkness, waiting to hand over and receive medals. However, since they were not recognised by the coordinators or lighting staff, the presenters and the invited athletes had to turn back.

This is something the coordinators need to review and improve. We cannot invite athletes to our country to perform at an 'international' meeting and deprive them of all an international competition has to offer if we are to claim to be part of the IAAF World Challenge Meetings.

The technical staff, too, need improvement. During the announcement of the line-up for all the races, the cameramen and commentators were not in sync. The camera was one lane ahead of the announcer. There was an incident where Nesta Carter and all his athletic credentials were being introduced, but Ryan Bailey's face was displayed on the screen, which caused the crowd to start booing loudly.

Seeing as it is the fourth staging of the competition, the coordinators need to be more meticulous in their planning and improve on the technical quality of this international track meeting.

If we want to make our country known, not just through our talents but our ability to host quality events and showcase all we have to offer locally, this is something both sponsors and coordinators need to put deep thought into.