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High time for ganja clarity

Published:Tuesday | May 19, 2015 | 12:00 AM


Based on the new ganja laws in Jamaica, I would like to get some clarity and confirmation concerning my rights as a Jamaican citizen where the matter is concerned.

Maybe some people are speculating about the answers but, as a law-abiding citizen, l certainly do not want to run afoul of our laws. What is worse is having different police interpreting the new law on their own terms.

1. Will a juvenile be subjected to the same rules as adults?

2. Will the police travel with precision scales?

3. Will the police be allowed to publicly use weed?

4. Will the police be required to weigh weed in front of suspect, in case they might try to top it up in order to build a case?

5. Will possessing drug paraphernalia be redefined, i.e., chalice, Rizzla, etc?

6. Will the smell of ganja be a legitimate reason to search?

7. Do I have to go with the officer to the station for weight confirmation?

8. Can the tickets be paid without going to court?

9. What happens to the logbook information after the fines are paid?

10. Are citizens required to have identifications to facilitate the tickets?

11. How big a 'kutchie' will they allow if that is the choice of smoking?


Toronto, Canada