Tue | Aug 14, 2018

Transparency in the Cockpit Country

Published:Wednesday | May 20, 2015 | 11:04 PM


As a citizen of the Cockpit Country, I am fuming mad about the way the Government is pussyfooting and handling the situation concerning bauxite exploitation in the area. With no public information forthcoming, and lots of deception, I am now demanding an explanation from MY government about its intentions forthwith. After all, did they as public servants not promise transparency to citizens?

Are they trying to dismiss the people and tell them it's raining outside? Why the drilling team if their intention is honourable? Have they forgotten their promise for a clean environment, too?

Like pregnancy, the belly will eventually start to show, so stop the trickery! If the Government is trying to pull a fast one here and poison our water, a class action suit will hit them in the courts.

We need not go over the importance of the Cockpit Country to Jamaica, as everyone already knows this.

Let them greedy fools mess with the Cockpit Country for an almost disastrous mineral and see how soon it backfires. They won't even have water to wash the ore they are craving! Which is more essential ... bauxite or water? Guess nothing was learnt from the drought last year!

We demand to see whose signature is on the contracts for drilling. Now.

Errol Gager