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Letter of the day: Buggery, though immoral, ought not be criminalised

Published:Saturday | May 23, 2015 | 12:00 AM


Not every act that is deemed immoral should be made illegal. If that were the case, adultery would have to be made illegal, which ought not to be, because that would infringe upon our rights as human beings to make certain choices and, after having done so, to face the consequences of, namely - for those of us who believe in Him - the Christian God.

Moreover, if we, as human beings, need laws in order to act in a moral manner, Christianity ought to be deemed irrelevant. In other words, even if an immoral act isn't unlawful, those who act righteously, nonetheless, are the kind of citizens this nation and world needs.

In terms of buggery, that act should never have been criminalised, even though I and other Christians deem it to be immoral. It is an act that ought to be judged, solely, by God, not by man and, likewise, the act of adultery. In terms of murder and theft, those acts directly harm, in a physical and emotional way, the victims of those crimes, and are a potential threat to all decent and law-abiding citizens.

In terms of adultery, if the wife or husband of the adulterer finds out, he/she will suffer emotional harm, but, as stated above, it's best to let God deal with such persons in His own way and in His own time.

Laws are meant to protect and unite us, not cause disunity and division. The more and more united we are as a nation, the stronger and happier Jamaica and Jamaicans will be, and vice versa.