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People's Report: JPS late-payment fee iniquitous

Published:Saturday | May 23, 2015 | 12:00 AM

This is an open letter to Ms Kelly Tomblin, CEO and president of the Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS).

On Thursday, April 3, 2015, I received my invoice (#39193039 0687230315006785) for payment of my electricity charges due on April 7, 2015. As the following day was Good Friday, you will appreciate that I only had two working days in which to pay before a late-payment fee would be incurred.

This same invoice included a late-payment fee for the previous invoice (#391930390687200215006612) I had received on March 9, 2015, with a due date of March 7, 2015.

I have regularly received my invoices on an average of two to three days before payment is due, often on the same day or, as happened in October 2013, not at all, and when I obtained a copy from your office on October 23 and enquired about a waiver of the late-payment fee, your agent could only offer her sympathies.

This situation is hopelessly unacceptable. This system of late payment and/or incentive fees cannot work. It must be discontinued. I should not have to be breaking my neck to pay my light bill every time I receive the invoice because JPS cannot get the bills delivered to me within a reasonable time.

The so-called incentive fee system has been reduced to an iniquitous farce. Customers like myself have been unfairly penalised by a system that is fundamentally defective. Scrap it now!

Lloyd McFarlane