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Wayne West coalition spouting bigotry

Published:Saturday | May 23, 2015 | 12:00 AM


What is a healthy society?

Is it a society where extortion reigns supreme in numerous communities across the island?

Is it a society where murders are high on the agenda?

Is it a society where our roads are unfixed for many years until an upcoming election?

Is it a society where people are always demonstrating for justice?

The sudden revitalisation of the Jamaica Coalition for a Healthy Society is nothing more than a nine-day wonder of mere words. For one, the society's only objective is to prevent endorsement of the LGBT lifestyle in Jamaica with its advertising slogan 'What Jamaica needs now'. Your organisation consists of mere bigots who deserve a good hiding with common Christian worship tunes.

Over the years, the Jamaican people have been suffering from all these ills, and your flock of followers has failed miserably to bring about or rally the cause of making the country a better place, but choose to do so now because LGBT endorsement is on the rise around the world.

Members of the coalition are mere hypocrites as they frequently visit these countries where such lifestyle is the norm and even endorse the behaviour by keeping their mouths silent on these visits as they go in the name of vacation, conferences and meetings.

The coalition is even more myopic, as they even support the community by purchasing items made by the LGBT movement. The coalition's head, Dr Wayne West, is far distanced from reality.



Chancery Hall, St Andrew