Thu | Dec 12, 2019

Hold pastors to higher standard

Published:Tuesday | May 26, 2015 | 12:00 AM


I read The Gleaner article 'Pastor charged for raping minor' (May 24, 2015). I think that clergymen of all stripes - whether they are Roman Catholic priest, Protestant minister, or Jewish rabbi - should be held to a higher standard of conduct for their behaviour and actions.

Their actions should be honest, wholesome and above reproach. Anything less makes them unfit to be clergy.

The article noted a 53-year-old 'pastor' is behind bars after being charged with rape and having sexual intercourse with a minor. I hope he has a fair legal trial. However, if he is found guilty by clear and irrefutable evidence such as his own confession or by conclusive DNA testing with a near certainty of his guilt - he needs to have a judicial ruling calling for his immediate castration.

It is a disgrace when so-called men of the cloth in clerical duties abuse their position of trust. They are hypocrites for using any type of spiritual title next to their name. If convicted, those paedophiles need to pay dearly for their sins.

James A. Marple

Texas, USA