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Published:Wednesday | May 27, 2015 | 11:03 PM

The Editor, Sir,

It is with a heavy heart that I am writing this letter as I belatedly read the account in the Sunday Observer, May 24, 2015, of the man who "took" the 15 phones left by President Obama's Secret Service in a locked hotel room . His lawyer claimed that he "didn't know what he was doing" and so he received a suspended sentence.

I am trying to fathom how, by any stretch of the imagination, could anyone in his right mind think that it was okay to "take" 15 phones that he did not purchase and was not given and dispose of them. But while I am alarmed at this obvious lack of conscience and sense of morality, I was even more alarmed to read that they recovered three of the phones from his mother!

I realise with distress though that this has become one of the major factors eroding the moral fabric of our society: mothers who do not teach their children right from wrong. It begins with them turning a blind eye when the child brings home things from school that do not belong to him. Today a book, tomorrow a phone, the next day a goat or cow, then ....who knows? Sometimes, it is these same mothers who will turn a blind eye at the blood stains they wash from their sons' clothes because the son is "providing" for the family.

Parents, especially mothers (as many of the fathers are missing in action) need to realise that they have a God-given duty to raise up their children in the fear of the Lord. I know that many persons now feel that God and the church are irrelevant, but even if there is no belief in God, just one's innate sense of morality should tell one it is not okay to take other people's property, it is not okay to benefit from the proceeds of crime.

J. Thompson