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Ministry fuelling Charlie craze

Published:Monday | June 1, 2015 | 12:00 AM


While I was prepared to ignore this new school prank about a demon named Charlie who is supposed to communicate by moving pencils as a joke, I was taken a little bit by surprise to hear the education ministry and its permanent secretary warning people to stay away from this "demon" act and to pray for protection. Are we for real here?

In this prank, one pencil is placed strategically on another and the demon Charlie is supposed to move them.

I am really concerned about the reaction of the education ministry.

I distinctly remember Elaine Foster-Allen trying to imply that demon possession can result from this Charlie demon game and that her own "personal experiences" as a devout Christian attested to that. Why is the ministry fuelling this Charlie demon myth?

We don't need demon Charlie to 'prove' spirit possession. A good overdose of faith in Christianity and far too much physical worship will usually guarantee church members being possessed by the Holy Spirit, causing adherents to speak in tongues.

Like all childhood pranks, I have no doubt that Charlie will pass. It is incredible that the education ministry has managed to even find the time to give the public the impression that this Charlie demon gimmick has any truth to it. It would have been better if the ministry just ignored this new teenage fad.