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If Jamaica were like FIFA ...

Published:Tuesday | June 2, 2015 | 12:00 AM


Corruption, whether it is in an organisation or a country, should be condemned. But if you lived in a country and a minister of government or a parish councillor took a US$10-million bribe and no one complained - in fact, no one seemed even to miss it - would you be concerned?

If the streets were clean and well maintained and you didn't have to spend millions to welcome the president of the United States, would you be concerned?

If one of your citizens turned down a £100,000-a-week deal, as did Raheem Sterling of Liverpool; many of your citizens earn millions of United States dollars, there is appreciable growth in your economy and large-scale employment, with no need for an International Monetary Fund (IMF) deal, would you kick out your president/prime minister or shorten the number of times he/she could be elected? Would your country be facing a moral crisis?

FIFA, despite all the corruption charges, can afford it. In spite of the talk that it has fallen in a moral abyss, Sepp Blatter will continue to lead the association simply because the millions in bribes are but pinpricks to this well-run organisation. If Jamaica was being run anywhere like FIFA, no one would care about corruption; it wouldn't hurt us.

FIFA's tournaments remain well run and well organised. Poor footballers have a chance to become rich and famous or simply well-off. When Mr Blatter decides to stop running for FIFA's presidency, I hope he sends in a bid to come and run Jamaica's economy. Then the surplus he creates will make us not notice the corruption we seem unable to clean up.


Siloah PO, St Elizabeth