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Number portability delays - again

Published:Thursday | June 4, 2015 | 12:00 AM


Consumers in this country are taken for granted too much. I am sickened by the unprofessionalism and the little regard we have for deadlines. My complaint is centred on the fact that there has been yet another delay in the implementation of number portability among the various telecommunication providers. It seems that, at every turn for the Jamaican consumer, 'makka juk yuh'.

The latest delay is because of a 22-day extension granted to LIME as the result of a number of failed tests conducted to determine the suitability of LIME's systems to number portability. This is the fifth such delay and, according to media reports, LIME has been the main culprit in causing the successive delays.

If it is that LIME is, in fact, unable to complete their obligations, the status of their licence must be called into question as a matter of standard maintenance. If, on the other hand, it is a deliberate act of corporate strategy to frustrate efforts of regulators and to impede competition, more drastic action may be required.

Number portability across fixed and mobile lines has the potential to revolutionise the telecommunications landscape by providing greater opportunities and bargaining power for the consumer, thus forcing companies to get creative and innovate in order to retain customer loyalty. As such, actions which have the effect of hampering this process must be resisted and strongly condemned. As a consumer who runs several businesses, I want options.


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