Mon | Oct 15, 2018

Lower age of consent to 14

Published:Saturday | June 6, 2015 | 12:00 AM


When will our legislators appreciate that it is universally accepted that females, on average, by natural law, reach maturity to bear children at age 14 and that is why the age of consent was fixed at 14?

Legislators, perhaps oblivious of the reason for the age of consent to have been fixed at 14, moved the age of consent to 16, making criminals of boys and girls and adults.

Now some are even calling for an increase in the age of consent from 16 and may soon be calling for it to be raised to 60 or beyond to free the world of human beings.

I am calling for all to respect natural law in general and in relation to the subject of carnal abuse and for the age of consent to be refixed at 14 as planned by the Creator.

Legislators must stop creating laws that are not only inconsistent with natural law but to create criminals. I must make it clear, however, that whatever legislators pass as laws must be obeyed by everyone, however great that one may be.


Mandeville, Manchester