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Mosquito fogging useless

Published:Wednesday | June 10, 2015 | 12:00 AM


Devon House fogs regularly for mosquitoes.

I know because I live in adjoining Waterloo Mews. For the past two weekends, I have observed and heard the fogging taking place, and gladly opened up all my windows to let the billowing cloud of white chemical fog find welcome in my house.

Alas, I fear it is to no avail, because upon walking my dog in the adjoining community park half an hour after the fogging took place, I was forced to cut the walk very short because of the enormous and frightening number of mosquitoes swarming all over me. And my dog. Good thing he has his heartworm medication.

Again, the next morning, I once more attempted to walk my dog in the park, hoping that maybe the chemical 'takes time to work'. Sorry, but it was even worse a day later.

The fog that is being used is no good. Isn't that interesting? Maybe it is the wrong kind. Maybe it is too diluted and some lucky person is getting rich. Maybe the mosquitoes are immune to that particular chemical and nobody knows or cares. But the fact remains, it does not work.

And here comes ZIKV.

Good luck, everyone! We are on our own. Like we didn't already know that.


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