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Don't confine yourself to single field

Published:Thursday | June 11, 2015 | 12:03 AM


It is the time of year when high-school graduates take the first step of their professional journey. This initial stage can be exciting as well as frustrating for both parents and children, especially in a global environment where they can choose a college or university anywhere in the world to fulfil their dreams.

As parents, guidance counsellors, mentors and teachers, how can we guide them in making the right decision? As parents, I think we should encourage our children to educate themselves for life versus a specific profession or job. By doing so, this will help them to increase their options instead of confining themselves to a degree or diploma in a specialised area.

Don't be too quick to think that I am saying that our children should not aim for their dream profession. However, I am tired of hearing that we have a surplus in one area and a shortage in another, or our tertiary graduates cannot find jobs. It is through great sacrifice that we educate our children in this challenging economic climate and, sadly, often they are unable to realise their dreams.

Olga M. Morgan

St Catherine