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Published:Tuesday | June 9, 2015 | 7:58 PM


Homosexuality - the female form of which is lesbianism - is not sex at all. A popular dictionary defines sex between humans as copulation: the physical union of a male and a female person. In addition, sex is never described as anal. Instead it involves the male penis penetrating the female vagina. According to Dr Kay Bailey, paediatrician and JCHS director, in an article dated July 21, 2013 "... The intestine is not a sex organ ... ."

The Bible, when speaking of copulation, makes statements like: "Adam lay with his wife Eve." Genesis 4:1; "... he went to her" Ruth 4:13, etc. However, when making reference to homosexuality in Romans, chapter 1:24-26, it is placed in the category of 'sexual impurity' and referred to as, "men committed indecent acts with men." The term 'sex', 'lay with' or the like is not used because they were never God's original intent.

The Bible, from which we have consciously or unconsciously derived the practice of good morals and much of our values and passed them on from generation to generation, condemns some practices. The book of Genesis clearly indicates that the purpose of sex is for:

1. Reproduction and multiplication - (1: 27 & 28)

2. Unity and oneness - (2:24)

3. Pleasure and enjoyment - they could partake without shame - (2: 25).

The context clearly is heterosexual marriage because the couple to whom God was speaking was Adam and Eve - whom he united in marriage Gen 2:24 & 25 - not 'Adam and Steve' nor 'Eve and Genevieve'.

Let's discontinue using the terms 'men who have sex with men' (MSM) and 'women who have sex with women' (WSW). They are 'indecent acts'.


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