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Misleading Gleaner report on NSWMA

Published:Thursday | June 11, 2015 | 12:01 AM


We write in response to the article published in the Sunday Gleaner dated June 7, 2015, titled, 'Finally: NSWMA to take action in Portmore'.

The content of the article gives the impression that the National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA) fails to address matters relating to commercialisation in the Portmore area. This is misleading.

The NSWMA, as the regulator of solid waste management in Jamaica, is not the responsible body/agency to address commercialisation in communities. This is done by the relevant bodies such as the parish councils, to include Kingston and St Andrew Corporation and, in this particular case, the Portmore Municipal Council. The NSWMA is mandated to address issues relating to the proper management of solid waste.

The latest monthlong initiative led by the NSWMA with support from the Portmore Municipal Council will enforce the NSWM Act by doing inspection of business places, and issuing removal notices and litter tickets. This includes visiting residents and entities/business places to:

n Verify what arrangement is in place for the treatment (storage, collection/disposal) of solid waste,

n Desist from using the roadways to place and store building/construction materials,

n Effect the removal of derelict from roadways,

n Deter shopkeepers, salon operators and barbers from placing commercial solid waste with residential solid waste, and

n Deter medical practitioners /facility operators from mixing untreated medical waste with regular solid waste, etc.

NSWMA, in the months to come, will be moving this initiative islandwide.

We hope that we have cleared up this misunderstanding and look forward to working with communities to increase compliance in accordance with the NSWM Act and to improve the general aesthetics.

Shauna Guthrie (Mrs)

Community Relations Manager

National Solid Waste Management Authority