Fri | Oct 30, 2020

Urgent ZIKV Intervention

Published:Tuesday | June 9, 2015 | 8:13 PM


With the recent pronouncements that the zika virus popularly known as ZIKV, will definitely hit our shores, I am amazed by the lack of fogging taking place in our communities. I am yet to confirm that this is being done anywhere especially after the chikungunya saga.

I am one of the first to say we need to dispose of our waste properly and ensure all breeding sites in our immediate surroundings are treated properly. However, there is the need for a collective approach by the health ministry to minimise the spread of the virus and, ultimately, the loss of lives.

We are a very comical nation and I am assuming that we are not satisfied with the excitement from the chik-V. Since we are unable to help ourselves, please help us and help save some meaningful lives.

Personally, I have had enough and would appreciate a more proactive approach from the authorities. Save us from the onslaught of ZIKV and all there is to come.

I remain a very concerned


Marie McDonald


St Andrew