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People's Report: NWC draining me of patience

Published:Saturday | June 13, 2015 | 12:00 AM
The Marescaux Road office of the National Water Commission.

In November 2014, my water consumption was six times more than I normally use. I went to the Marescaux Road branch and was attended to by Alicia Campbell in the Customer Service Department. A hold was placed on the account and I was assured that someone would come to the premises to ensure that the meter was accurately read.

The end result: I had a leak and was advised I had to pay the bill. The bill was $31,096.80. Unable to pay it in full and not wanting my water supply to be disconnected, I asked for time to pay (a two-month period). Ms Campbell informed me that I had to pay $10,000 before I could enter a contract with NWC regarding the request of time. I complied.

An agreement was made dated January 13, 2015 between the National Water Commission (thereafter called the 'creditor') and Millicent Broderick (hereafter called the 'debtor'). This time the customer care officer was Tanisha Williams.

One of the clauses of the contract stated:

"The creditor will refrain from disconnecting the services of the debtor during the period of this agreement, provided the terms of the agreement are adhered by the debtor."

Well, fellow Jamaicans, the VERY NEXT DAY the agreement was signed, NWC disconnected my water supply. Clearly, the NWC did not honour the agreement. It appeared to be a farce. I wonder if NWC realises that this is a legal matter. Very irate, I called, and my water was restored. But guess what? I was charged a reconnection fee of $3,530). WHY?

I have been to the Marescaux Road branch THREE times to have this removed and had to wait over several hours to be attended to. Customer Complaint Receipt #64091, dated 2/2/2015; attending employee, Tanisha Williams. Customer Complaint Receipt #78410, dated 6/5/2015; attending employee Colleen Waldron.

The third visit was to take my contract in (May 15, 2015) so they could photocopy it. It seems they lost their copy. Gross inefficiency. To date, the matter has not been resolved. Is it that I am to get frustrated and just pay? Or is it that the inefficiency there is beyond help?

It is no wonder customers are usually boisterous when they visit the Customer Service Department. The supervisor also is not accessible, even if you are dissatisfied with the service of the customer service representative and need further explanation.

Shame on you, National Water Commission.

Millicent Broderick