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Gov’t erred on FLOW/Lime merger

Published:Thursday | June 18, 2015 | 6:00 AM


I note with interest a Monday Gleaner column penned by Flow's director of corporate communications, Gail Abrahams, trying to market to the Jamaican people that the LIME-Flow merger is a good thing and will redound to the benefit of consumers. Clearly, the LIME-Flow executives are finally beginning to hear the mounting complaints about their collapsing services! I pray that something will be done, but I have sadly long learnt not to expect or hope for change in Jamaica.

I appreciate the fact that the good lady is doing her job, but ever since that merger was consummated, I have observed worsening service from both entities, with the Office of Utilities Regulations and the Ministry of Technology deafeningly silent.

For one, my Flow Internet is a joke; my frustrated daughter tags it as #flowtooslow. Then as regards LIME, my spotty cellular phone service leaves a lot to be desired. Flow then tops it off with remarkably poor customer service with their agents stationed in or outside of the country.

In the end, the Jamaican Government erred after giving approval for the merger between telecoms companies LIME and Flow, thus creating a monopoly on fixed landlines, underwater cables and fixed broadband services. And now we are being mollycoddled by a monopoly company into believing that all is well. Give me a break!

Janine Reid

Old Hope Road

Kingston 6