Mon | May 29, 2017

Hylton should resign

Published:Thursday | June 18, 2015 | 6:00 AM


Industry, Investment and Commerce Minister Anthony Hylton is an embarrassment to the Government and people of Jamaica.

Even before he made the

big announcement about the multibillion-dollar logistics hub initiative, I have long recognised that Hylton cannot manage the investment portfolio. I blame Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller for allowing him to continue in the capacity for so long. We have had nothing of significance from him since he assumed the portfolio.

On March 11 this year, when Hylton made the big announce-ment, we were all feeling confident that something positive would happen for the country. We soon began to realise that the minister's grand announcement was nothing but a circus. What responsibility does Hylton take for this embarrassment? Furthermore, what responsibility does the Cabinet and the prime minister take for this?

In Parliament, when the Opposition quizzed the minister about his announcement, Hylton said that he did not say the investments were $5 billion but "up to $5 billion".


Hylton needs to man up and take full responsibility for what he did. He sought to downplay everything by saying he merely said there was an expression of interest. How can he make such grand announcement and expect people to take it as just a mere expression of interest? He sounded convinced and optimistic about the prospects of the investment proposal when he spoke and he even made the prime minister give comment on it. How could that be just a mere expression of interest?

The country is at a stage where we cannot tolerate under-performing ministers. We are at a stage where we cannot tolerate governments that do not have any accountability mechanisms and people are allowed to mislead and deliver nothing and get away with it. Madam Prime Minister should smell the rat and dismiss Hylton from the Cabinet. He has been given so many chances and still cannot show anything.

Nathan Newman