Sat | Mar 28, 2020

When did we become enemies?

Published:Monday | June 22, 2015 | 12:00 AM


Every day you hear the news of another friend's tragic end. When is it going to stop? Why do we kill our brothers? Weren't we all friends once?

We grew up together, perhaps went to the same primary and high schools. Sometimes we shared a meal or two, smoked a few blunts and drank a couple of brews.

What happened to the days when we were boys? And all we could think of is playing marbles and anything that boys do, but lately everything has changed. The boys we once were are no more. We are now grown and the lines are drawn. We see each other as enemies. Why is this so?

Our parents grew together and they weren't so violent. What changed with us that made us so venomous? We are like scorpions because we kill our own, instead of assisting each other in building our thrones. We kill without a cause or a reason, just to bear names and titles.

Why don't we stop to think before we act? Being irrational gets us nowhere fast. We need to stop this unnecessary war against our brothers and sisters. Is this the lessons we wanna teach to the younger generation? Let's be a community, a family, a nation once more.