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Forgiving Dylann Roofe is immoral

Published:Tuesday | June 23, 2015 | 12:00 AM


A total of nine black men and women were recently executed by a young, racist white thug in Charleston, South Carolina, USA. Dylan Roof was welcomed into the church by members of a prayer group that met regularly.

Reports suggest that his actions were premeditated and well planned. Such brutality should not only be angrily condemned, but should not be forgiven.

The good members of Emanuel AME Church have been magnanimous in their rush to forgive this inhuman act and the evil mind that carried it out. Forgiveness in the face of such evil is immoral.

The Old Testament teaches an eye for an eye. There is good reason for that. When evil is forgiven, evildoers are emboldened. That is why the United States still executes and imprisons murderers for life. Forgiveness is not the duty of mankind but rests in God's realm.

The fact that a family or church members forgave this murderer does not guarantee God's acquiescence. Forgiveness for this cold-blooded murderer is contrary to every fibre of truth that we call justice.

It is natural to be angry and to seek retaliation in the face of blood-thirsty vipers. After all, Jesus was so angry at the money changers in the Temple that he whipped them and threw them out. For too long, Christianity has taught its followers to be sheep to be led to slaughter.

No nation, no group, no church, no individual that adheres to such a degrading philosophy can be respected or trusted.


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