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Will world watch Haiti deportation?

Published:Tuesday | June 23, 2015 | 12:00 AM


I have experienced racism and have seen the mistreatment of my Haitian brothers and sisters in the Dominican Republic. However, unlike international media, I will not only mention the negatives or the rift between the Haitians and the Dominicans but the positives that have allowed both nations to rise again.

The Dominican people are warm, welcoming, godly and respectful people by nature. From the airports to the cities, you will find a people tremendously affectionate. Almost everybody has a smile, and if you happen to be short on cash or in need of food, they will surely help you without knowing you.

However, there is a dislike for Haitians, and this is promulgated through countless school books, storytelling of Juan Pablo Duarte and the constant strife between both nations.

Dominicans will say things that are really odd, racist even. I would want to believe that they don't realise what they are saying or doing, but it happens too often.

The Haitians though educated and hardworking will receive the worse paid jobs, housing conditions and will wait for hours to be served at the hospitals and restaurants.

They (Dominicans) will tell you 'no soy racista' (I am not racist) when you challenge their comments and arguments about the Haitians or other black people.

I believe the Haitian people are searching, like all of us, for love, acceptance and a place to call home, but the international community and, of course, their government have failed them. Will we sit and wait while persons of Dominican-Haitian descent are stripped of their dignity? Will we sit and watch countless go without homes? Will we sit and watch countless generations of Dominican Haitians have no access to water, electricity, formal education and a place to access health care? Will we sit and watch families being destroyed?



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