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Letter of the day: Break ties with racist Dom Rep

Published:Wednesday | June 24, 2015 | 12:00 AM


If ever a country in that geographical space called the Caribbean proudly demonstrates its racism, if ever a country ever openly expressed anger towards its neighbour, that country is the Dominican Republic.

It is now time that Jamaica and other Caribbean countries take action to deal with the Dominican Republic, a country that possesses a racist attitude towards not only its Haitian neighbours but the Haitian community entrenched inside its territory.

The Dominican Republic currently wants to deport citizens born in their country only because they are of Haitian descent. Its recent rambling on mass deportation is alarming to every country that is a member of the International community.

It is good, however, according to the Government, that the People's National Party administration will not support Dom Rep attempt to gain membership in CARICOM. That is a comforting utterance from our Government, as Dom Rep has too long practised apartheid, hooliganism and murder against poor, maligned people.

For those of us who do not know Caribbean history or pretend that there is no historiography of Dom Rep abuses. Let me remind you that less than 100 years ago - in fact, in 1937 - up to 20,000 Haitians were murdered by Dom Rep soldiers and militiamen flooding the Massacre River with bodies and literally turning the river red with the blood of Haitians.

Dom Rep has a notorious record of maltreatment towards its neighbour. In recent years, there have been many beatings and deaths of Haitians who provide the lowest class of labour.

Defying international law, the Dominica Republic is demonstrating its bully force against a weak and marginalised set of West Indians. Interestingly, the Dom Rep treats ethnic minorities well, many of whom are beneficiaries of slavery and colonialism. Dom Rep gives a most receptive welcome for its Lebanese, Syrian, Jewish, German, Italian and Spanish minorities, yet it treats its Haitian minorities like they are subhumans.

Jamaica should break off diplomatic relations with the Dominican Republic country. It is an injustice to have a Caribbean neighbour with its 'Spanish apartheid'.


Aboukir, St Ann