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Forgive yes, but…

Published:Thursday | June 25, 2015 | 12:00 AM


Do the murderers in our society realise that nothing on the face of the earth is more precious than life?

We have heard that the young man who brutally murdered nine persons in that church in South Carolina has been forgiven. Even some relatives of the deceased have said they have also forgiven him. I tip my hat to them.

Forgiving someone doesn't mean the person will escape punishment - nuh sankey nuh sing so! King David, the Lord's anointed, who committed adultery with Bathsheba, repented of his sin, and was forgiven, but he was not spared the penalty.

The Bible says we must forgive 70 times seven, but that may be easier said than done. Blessed are the forgivers and those who are willing to forgive. Forgiving doesn't mean that we will forget the wrong done to us.


The people did not tell a lie on this young man. They did not deny him his rights or take anything away from him. He slaughtered the nine people out of hatred. He snuffed out their precious lives, and he was in his right mind. It was a terrible massacre. The greater the crime, the more severe the punishment should be.

Don't allow acts of forgiveness to be a cover-up for crime. We must not make serious crimes look like minor ones because of forgiveness.

Donald J. Mckoy