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People's Report: NWC precipice - disaster waiting to happen

Published:Saturday | June 27, 2015 | 12:00 AM
A dangerous hole at the intersection of Roseberry Drive and Acadia Drive in Kingston.

This dangerous hole was dug at the intersection of Roseberry Drive and Acadia Drive more than two months ago by the National Water Commission.

The crater is nearly 10 feet deep and eight feet wide, swallowing the sidewalk and more than one-third of the road on the Acadia Drive side.

This is a potential tragedy and disaster waiting to happen.

At nights, motorists are imperilled by this NWC-branded man-made precipice.

Pedestrians (especially children and the disabled) are forced to walk in the road or on a slim footpath near the hole where they can slip and fall into the crater, leading to death, injury or dismemberment.

The National Water Commission appears to be disrespectful to residents living nearby where the hole is almost blocking the entrance of the adjoining premises, and unworried about the potential tragedy that their action poses to members of the public, not even considering the unsightly appearance of this urban crater.


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