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People's Report: Wow experience at Bob Marley Museum

Published:Saturday | June 27, 2015 | 12:00 AM
US President Barack Obama visits the Bob Marley Museum with tour guide Natasha Clark on April 8.
The Bob Marley Museum on Hope Road.

"How come they charge US$20 for a ticket worth US$50?" asked one visitor, another item ticked off an achievement on his 'bucket list'. This was a part of the pleasant, positive experience I had when I visited the Bob Marley Museum on Saturday, June 6, 2015.

It was certainly one of the most refreshing, educational and entertaining tours of a museum I have had. I was accompanied by one of my daughters and one of my granddaughters.

I have been a Bob Marley fan for many years, love his songs and message of peace, love and unity of all people, and had thoughts of visiting the museum. However, the inspiration for visiting at this time came because of the visit by United States President Barack Obama. "How could one come to Jamaica and not visit the Bob Marley museum?" he said.

I said to myself, "How could one live in Jamaica for so long, be an admirer of Bob Marley, and never take the time to visit the museum of this iconic Jamaican and world figure?" I would wait no longer, so I went.

There were 15 persons in my group, five Jamaicans and the majority foreigners. Our tour guide was friendly, pleasant and knowledgeable. I rate this tour above my visit to Dr Martin Luther King museum in 2013, mainly because of the tour guide.

I had no idea the museum was so large, with a showroom, theatre, display area and gift shop in the rear. The 'shot room' is a reminder of a dark part of our history. The video presentation with songs, interviews and

messages from Bob is a major highlight.

My two recommendations are:

(1) Install air conditioning in the recording studio.

(2) There are paintings of all of Bob's sons on a wall, none of his daughters. How about some girl recognition?

I am encouraging Jamaicans to 'Wake up and Live' (this is printed on the ticket for the tour) to visit the museum and the many treasures we have right here in Jamaica. Your experience might just be like mine: educational, refreshing and entertaining.

One love.


East Strathmore, Kingston 8