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Education the great emancipator

Published:Monday | June 29, 2015 | 12:00 AM


That education is a great emancipator is universally recognised. However, scarce money will always be wasted on education if we continue to expend thinking and saying that every child can learn and every child must learn what they are told and expected to learn or else.

Natural law that some out of ignorance or playing God ignore, determines what everyone of us will learn and will not learn so that learning will be relevant to the benefit of all of us and what I term the doctrine of interdependency.

The street cleaner who does his work very well is no less than the lawyer, doctor or other professionals who do their work very well and is only complementary for the benefit of society. Everyone of us serves a purpose as we complement each other so that we all may benefit, and so we must not drive down people's throat what they must learn or else.


relevant evidence


The lawyer will tell you that it is settled law that only relevant evidence is admissible in court and only inadmissible when the evidential value is outweighed by its prejudicial value. But relevance is not confined to evidence in court and is applicable to subjects to be learnt as well as everything else, including, for example, what we eat, the medicine we take and even the need for surgery.

Finally, I respectfully submit that completely free education should not be beyond elementary school and greater emphasis should be placed on the use of technology, libraries and private schools in the delivery of education to drastically reduce its cost so that more of our tax dollars are available on humanitarian grounds to provide the best possible health care in our hospitals, which are disgracefully underfinanced and equipped.

Owen S. Crosbie