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Published:Thursday | July 2, 2015 | 12:00 AM


When I heard that people were hacking into the computers of certain government bodies, I believe the words IRIS and ISIS registered on my brand new hearing aid. But I believe IRIS has to do with an organisation in America that tracks citizens for taxes so I don't believe that fine-tuned, first-world group would be hacking Jamaica House, JIS and CHASE Fund computers. What in God's name would they be looking for? Then again, it could not be the Far East ISIS, for I tremble when I read about their level of intelligence and who would dare to fool them up to try Jamaica.

Many of our young men who may be tempted by ISIS are free spirits and will 'jine no line', not even for the 21 virgins being offered. They know where to go to get maidens and I can show you one and two who are 17-year-old fathers of three children and others at 30 who have fathered 16 and 20 human beings. ISIS could only tempt a mainly unskilled, uneducated and unemployed group with good dollars to do their work here, for no way will the undisciplined men leave this paradise for another.

Then our virgins are vivacious, barefaced and dry-eyed. Who dares to cover their faces with fabric and force them to keep their eyes glued to the ground? They are free to choose their careers, pick the men they want as partners, study at any university they wish, and can get a PhD in anything, even in UNDERWATER BASKET WEAVING.

ISIS must be aware of the record-breaking number of murders committed and the dangerous driving that takes place on the roads here, and the hundreds of people who have been killed and maimed since 2015 as a result of accidents. ISIS must know of the free spirit of Jamaicans when we have excelled in the world of sports and have proven how fearless and undaunted we are in international challenges.

Please, don't say that I say this, but I believe the hacking villains are right here and home-grown and are having a good time prying into business that does not concern them.

Mills Blake