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Sizzling hot at Postal office

Published:Thursday | July 2, 2015 | 12:00 AM


I went to the Central Sorting Office on South Camp Road to collect a package. I spent more time there than I intended. For a brief moment I thought I was still outside the building because on the inside it was hot, sizzling hot.

What wicked thing could these postal workers have done for them not to have the luxury of air-conditioning units?

I had to ask. To my dismay, one worker informed me that she has been working there since the 1990s and remembers when there was air-conditioning. It is now over 10 years that the workers have been working in sizzling hot temperatures. The fans also spin hot air. So the workers are delightfully relieved when puffs of air blast them every now and then; that's the coolest they'll ever be.

I know that some people in the private sector say government workers are all lazy, they waste time, and I guess they are probably corrupt. Well, I treat my animals at home better than how the post office workers are being treated, to have to sit in a sauna. My dogs get bowls of fresh, cool water; every now and then I fill them with ice cubes and they all live in nice, airy kennels. Post office workers get to suffer the heat.

I really know what the problem was, and still is. Air-conditioning units are too expensive to maintain, plus the electricity bill. Though the Government is strapped for cash and right now can't afford electricity bills to keep human beings cool, how many ministerial offices are without air conditioning?

H Ones