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Arts critic missed the plot

Published:Friday | July 3, 2015 | 12:00 AM


I am grateful for the space afforded the otherwise under-appreciated Saturday presentation at the Hope Gardens, part of KOTE 2015.

I respectfully take issue, however, with Marcia Rowe's assessment of my piece, 'Once Was A Matador'. The work, one of five I read, contained one explicit reference, a slang reference to the male member.

To characterise the poem as risque on those grounds is unfortunate, as it misconstrues the overall thematic line of the piece.

Also unfortunate is Ms Rowe's assertion that "Edwards did not make the connection that he hoped" and linking that failure to the explicit reference in the poem (1 of 5).

Apart from the fact that several patrons approached me after the reading to express their sincere appreciation of the works, there is only one person capable of discerning with certainty the level of connection I intended to make: me.

Nonetheless, I remain gratified by the interest and the insertion.