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Family Court office backward, inefficient

Published:Saturday | July 4, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Chief Justice Zaila McCalla and Justice Seymour Panton, president of the Court of Appeal.

I am writing this letter with pain and sadness in my heart because of the unnecessary suffering that the public is experiencing at the Family Court office.

There is a lot of time-wasting at the office because (1) the workers are uncaring about the public, (2) the system is archaic because there is no database with information for easy access, and (3) supervision is extremely poor.

Recently, I sought information for a court date because I could not recall the date. The information could not be given to me because the book with that information was with the judge on every occasion that I checked the office. Eventually, the court date passed without this information being given to me and a warrant was issued for my arrest.

When I got the call from the police, I turned myself in and explained to them the reason why the court date was missed. The police sympathised with me and explained their own frustration in dealing with the inefficiency at the Family Court office. I was, nevertheless, locked up until the judge heard my case.

Now, in this day and age, why is the Family Court so backward? The workers find it convenient to make excuses because of a poorly run department. They talk about having to search in books for everything because information is not on a computer network and they need to tend to hundreds of people waiting for information from the office.


Waiting on the books


What rubbish! They have no time to search through the books and documents because it is too much work. And worse, if the judge has the book with the relevant information! Everyone must wait until the book comes back from the judge. Help us!

The situation at the Family Court office is sickening and needs serious attention. Chief Justice Zaila McCalla is doing a poor job in supervising the court offices. She needs to start the ball rolling to modernise the Family Court office with at least one computer and a person to do data entry. Let's start the process.

Come on, Chief, what are you doing, if not sleeping on the job? Your stewardship is lacking and stressing us out. The administrator at the Family Court is also doing a poor job.

In the meantime, let the Family Court office have some documents copied so that while the judge is working from the original document, the office can have relevant information at its fingertips. Get rid of the insensitive workers there that make life miserable for the public, and get a better administrator.

The police and other departments like the Probation Office, which has to deal with the Family Court daily, are also fed up with the inefficiency. Talk to them and you will hear their cry.