Wed | May 24, 2017

Athletes have made us proud

Published:Tuesday | September 1, 2015 | 9:00 AM


What an amazing swelling of national pride that all Jamaicans must now be feeling on account of our heroic athletes on the track and in the field. They have done well, and we are all justly proud of their achievements.

At the risk of overstretching, I see Usain as having the heart of a lion, the strength of a beetle, the speed of a falcon, the mythological appeal of Hercules, and the bearing of a true legend. Hands down, Usain is just plain GIFTED!

After Beijing 2015, Elaine Thompson, and Javon Francis will have the requisite experience to bring out the golden quality that they have inside. I can't wait for Rio 2016!

I only hope that the Government will buy into the vision and make sure you all have what you need to make this happen. For you and all our other athletes, I truly believe the best is yet to come. Chin up, the only bowing of the head that you're to do now is to acknowledge the applause of a country that simply adores you.

You've all done well. Go, Team Jamaica!